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Another two acres of mixed fishing to suit everyone.

Carp have been officially recorded at 26lb in this lake but rumours are rife of much bigger fish prowling the margins and large expanses of open water. It is very possible you could catch a new lake record as the fish are young and still growing fast. As well as the carp the species from Lake One are all present, to the same weights.
All of our fish are in excellent fighting condition throughout the whole of the year, Be prepared… You will not be disappointed by their fighting abilities! Wind direction can be key, although sheltered even a slight breeze may push a lot of fish to one end of the lake in search of food. TIP:Unusually for the northeast, the carp in lake two seem to feed right through our winter, ledgered baits, esp maggots and bread are a popular approach… if the temperature creeps above freezing!

Generally Boilies are best fished on a pop up, around 50% more fish are caught on pop ups, in Lake One and Two.

Features: Lake two has a large expanse of open water with two large islands, one at either end. There are also number of reed bed edges to fish to also, these tend to hold a lot of fish year round, but beware! The fish know their sanctuary and will be quick to blast into the reeds in the blink of an eye.  Corners and small bays can be just as prolific as the open water for silver fish species too. Just as in Lake One, there is a good head of bream, tench, ide, rudd, roach, perch and hybrids. The lake also contains the main water inlet for the site. Depths average 5ft

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