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Our Newest lake is also our smallest, and shallowest. The silver lake is the first lake you will see as the approach the site, as its name suggests it is heavily stocked with the silver fish species found in the other lakes. There are a number of tench and crucians for added variety. This lake is ideally suited for beginners, there are vast quantities of fish that have never seen a hook in here. The silver lake has matured nicely into an excellent pool over the past few years. Perfect for the pole or rod, this shallow lake will heat up quickly in the spring and so will the action, we are still expecting large weight gains in all the species. TIP: Try a variety of baits to tempt different fish species.

Features: The lake islands are planted up with a large variety of plant species, many exotic to add interest and variety to the lake, it has a deliberately more ornamental feel. Depths average 3ft. There are two islands, a few small ledges can be found on the islands off certain pegs. Much deeper water (averaging 8ft) can be found between these two islands and also at the end of the lake closest to the carpark, these are certain to be popular spots in cooler or very hot weather. The first peg you get to is reputed to be the best.

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