Covid-19 Update 2021-03-11T13:26:52+00:00

January 2021: WE ARE OPEN!

We are allowed to stay open during lockdown.
Unfortunately matches and night fishing won’t be allowed until further notice.



We will have a new set of rules in place to adhere to the governance guidelines and to keep everyone safe. It is very important that every single person follows these rules so we can remain open. Anyone not following the rules will be immediately barred from the lakes.

We understand that the social aspect of fishing is very important to many people but at the moment it’s not something we can offer. In order for the lakes to stay open and all staff and anglers to stay safe people will need to socially distance for now and keep to themselves before things can return to normal.

Unfortunately we do not have the tools or manpower to have a booking system in place (we are currently only a 2 man team). When the car park is full (this is always long before all the pegs are taken) the gates will be closed to avoid overcrowding.

Please check our Facebook page before setting off to our venue, we will post if we are at full capacity and restricting further entries.

New rules:

  1. No visitors.
    No viewing and no visitors until further notice. Paying customers only.
    There will be no exception to this rule. Every person who enters the gate will be charged and has to follow the rules.
  2. Social Distancing
    All anglers are expected to keep 2 meters/6ft distance at all times. Please be extra vigilant in the carpark and around the tackle shop and toilet area. This could mean waiting in your car until other anglers have left the carpark during busy times.
  3. No walking around, anglers are expected to go straight to your chosen peg.
  4. No standing together in (small) groups, even when keeping your distance. Socialising with other anglers will not be part of fishing for now.
  5. One person per peg. (Unless from the same household, in that case max 2 people per peg.)
  6. No sharing of fishing equipment etc (unless between household members)


We realise some of these rules might seem strict to some but it is our main priority for all anglers to stay safe. As expressed before, we intend to enforce these rules and people will be barred from the lakes or the lakes might close for all anglers if rules are not followed.

All gates will be left open so there will be no need for anglers to touch any handles etc. Due to the high demand in hand sanitizer/rubber gloves etc we would like to ask all anglers to bring their own if possible.

Some pegs might be closed to ensure social distancing further.

The toilet area will be sanitised various times a day. Please make sure to wash your hands and use the disinfectant provided.

Unfortunately we do not have an electronic payment option at the moment, this is something we are looking into. Please try and pay with the exact change if possible.